Sunday, September 18, 2011

Interesting Google Challenge

As part of my work or with volunteer activities with professional actuarial bodies I get to travel a few times a year.  Normally before I leave I do a simple google check for hobby and games stores in the area.  I've found that searching with "wargames stores XXXX" works well in most cases when XXXX is Chicago, Vancouver, Toronto, Seattle etc.  However, last week I was hit with an interesting challenge.  I was part of a CIA (that's the Canadian Institute of Actuaries, not the waterboarders) panel visiting the premier actuarial science school in Canada at the University of Waterloo.

So try Googling for a wargames store in Waterloo Ontario see what comes up!  I  google's search routine the weight of wargames links to the battle of Waterloo far outweigh the wargames links to Ontario!

Anyhow to make a long story short, I found that using Waterloo's twin city of Kitchener worked like a charm.  However, while there was a store close to the hotel I was too busy to make it there.  UWaterloo is just a few blocks away from Laurier University, which has a music school that my 16-year old daughter is interested in and an oboe instructor/dealer that she wanted to meet.  So we spent my free time touring the Laurier campus and meeting up with the oboe guru.

A good trip all around. 

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