Monday, February 27, 2017

SYW Camp Scene

This week I have two posts for the Challenge, both for my on going SYW Sharp Practice project.  First up is this set of 8 figures from Camp Scene with a couple of personality and leader figures.

Group shot, blurry but shows the whole gang

Heinz is trying to get in Katerina's good books by being helpful around the campfire.
Most of the these figures come from a Perry AWI camp set.  It says much about my Challenge Progress that these were originally set as a "Home" theme entry and then as a "West" theme entry (as in Westfalia).  I am picturing this as a camp shared by Hanoverian Jaegers and British Light Dragoons.  The AWI uniforms are spot on for the Jaegers (in green waistcoats) and close enough for the Light Dragoons in red.  The dragoons have changed their riding boots for more comfy footwear, the Hessians have taken off their coats and gaiters and some non-regulation head gear has appeared.
He's tempted by what she's got cooking, and supper smells good too!

Franz is explaining that Handel is vastly over-rated and that Bach is the true musical genius of his generation.  Joseph doesn't look convinced.

I am pretty sure that we've all had this conversation with Franz at some point in our lives 

While Schmidt scans the horizon, Herr Mueller is more interested in his book.
 These two figures came in a command pack of Hessian infantry at rest.  The fellow on the left was a quick conversion to a civilian.  I cut out the gorget and added a ruffle with paint.   I picture using him as a physician, clergy man or spy.  The fellow on the right has been painted as a Hessian artillery officer to act as a junior leader for my Hessian gun crew.
From the rear.  These were lovely sculpts to paint.

The other dragoons are very jealous of Thomas for winning fair Sophia.  The colour of Sophia's dress has absolutely nothing to do with a still from Emma Watson in the live action Beauty and the Beast.

This scene reminds rather of "historical" pictorials in certain magazines that I read as a teenager during the Carter era.

Back side view of the campers.


  1. Lovely job, and lovely scenes of everyday life...

  2. These are rather wonderful and characterful sculpts Peter. I love the chap having his hair cut.

    1. Thanks Michael. It's important to have good coiffure for battle.