Monday, February 6, 2017

More Perry Light Dragoons

I am continuing to slog away at my SYW Sharp Practice collection for this year's Challenge. I have 4 more light dragoons finished to go along the 8 I finished earlier in the Challenge. Production has slowed down due to the impact of real life - I wear two hats at work and both are in their busy seasons. However, I find it helps me keep going if I post something each week, even if it's only a few figures. There's 8 more of these guys in various stages on the workbench as I type, I've found it works best to finish them in small batches once I get them to a certain point.

I am taking a sure but slow approach on this project, aiming to enjoy the ride.  I've found that the lace wars may be my sweet spot for miniatures painting.  Basically this is what I do for a hobby, painting horse and musket figures is something I've been doing  for 40 years now!  I know that these figures gave KenR a head ache earlier but I've really appreciated painting them.  The details stands out very nicely and it's easy to pick out the details like the lace.  Plus the poses are dynamic and the helmet just rocks!

So all in all we have 1 trumpeter, 1 officer, 2 troopers on picket duty with pistols. 

Unlike my earlier problems with Piper uniforms for the Highlanders, I am on pretty solid ground with the trumpeter.   I've got several sources showing the green faced white with white/red lace including illustrations.  I like that he's got two trumpets , one in hand and one on his back.  Maybe he's a belt and braces kind of guy.  Or maybe he just needs horns in two different keys ( I understand from horn players that this is a thing, I play the guitar which is tuned in the key of I've got four fingers on my left hand).  Anyway I did the trumpet in his hand in silver and the hunting style horn on his back in brass, which matches real life examples that I've seen in both cases.

The figure I've used for the officer is I think an NCO officially.  He came in the Perry command pack along with the trumpeter and the officer I'd painted earlier.  I am fielding each Sharp Practice "group" to represent a squadron or company so wanted a second office for my second leader.  It was a simple paint conversion and I reckon that he's found it prudent to carry the carbine like his men.

The end plan is to have 2 Sharp Practice groups of 8 troopers, which means that with figures packed in threes I had to get 18!  I decided to use the extra two as pickets and/or dispatch riders and got a pack with pistols for this role, as they look the part.  That leaves one pistol packing mutha as a regular trooper (included in my first dragoon entry). 


  1. A fine quartet of light horse to add to your SP project! You are quite right that putting out even a few figures on a regular basis is optimal in getting troops off the painting desk and keeping painting motivation high. Good job!

  2. Splendid work Peter, they look very fiddly to paint.