Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Freytag's Jaegers

As with the whole Perry AWI range the poses and sculpts are very nice.  I especially like the kneeling poses and that the two who are fine have wrapped their rifle slings around their wrists for support.

Another week in February, another small batch of 28mm SYW figures from me.  This time around it is 6 members of Freytag's Jaegers who served in the Hanoverian army.  The Anglo Allies raised Jaeger Corps from 4 different German state - Hanover, Hessen-Kassel, Brunswick-Wolfenb├╝ttel and Schaumburg-Lippe (a variable meet up of Imagination bloggers). 

I had a set of 6 Hessian Jaegers plus officer and hornist plus a few left overs , the result of changing rules unit sizes to fit rule systems!  As leftovers had been previously painted as Freytag's corps, I ordered another pack of Jaegers from Messrs Perry and Perry to serve as a group of Freytag's Jaegers for my SYW Sharp Practice project.  The figures are from the AWI range, sold as Hessian Jaegers but work equally well in the SYW as Hanoverians. 
Uniforms are very basic as fits a Jaeger unit - green jacket and waistcoat with green facings, white breeches and grey gaiters.

Here's the requisite Folky arty print for historical reference. 

Darn I missed the flower pot mounted in the tricorne!
The Backside view shows the nice details in these sculpts.  They are packing a hide knack sack, canvas haversack and metal canteen plus cartridge box.

Front side view with the 6 new lads flanked by the officer and hornist on un-tufted bases.
By my count that is 6 28mm figures for a whopping 30 points not including the two pre-existing Jaegers.


  1. Nice! Every SYW army ought to field this fine unit of jaegers! Perhaps, I am a bit biased, though...

  2. Splendid additions to the collection Peter.

  3. Nicely done! I'm sure the flower pots were only worn for special dress parades.

    1. Thanks Ross. I believe they were discarded in the field as they gave French chasseurs an aiming point.

  4. A splendid group, great basing and painting...