Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Painting Challenge Nostalgia Round

For my entry into the Nostalgia theme run over at the Painting Challenge,  I've gone way back to the land of counterpane and the pioneers of wargaming.  We're going right back to HG Wells and RL Stevenson here.

I have a gun plus two crews in 40mm flats produced from Prince August moulds (but not by me).  I have painted them as English Royal Artillery from the Nine Years War using info from the League of Augsburg forum.

There is a piece of me that would seriously love to game with figures like this but it would require home casting.  The noxious fumes would lead to my banishment from the house, and no-one trusts me with motel metal. Sigh........

The figures were fun to paint, but took more work than I expected to bring out the detail being well..flat.  I like the results even if the wheels on the cannon look wonky in retrospect.


  1. Very nice Peter, it was the Prince of August guardsmen that I fancied casting.

  2. Good old HE designs and you did a very nice job with them, Peter.

    Yeah, casting in the house could be problematic. I do mine in the garage but if you have at least a patio or balcony, you can do it outside so long as you can plug the hot pot somewhere.

    1. Cpl Trim
      I'll leave the castings to those that know what they're doing. God you liked them. Cheers Peter