Thursday, January 28, 2016

Pike and Shoote AAR

Last week we met at Curt's place for a game of Pike and Shotte using Italian Wars Figures from my collection and Curt's.  The scenario was based on the "Reinforcements on the Table" scenario  by C. S. Grant with forces taken from the scenario in One Hour Wargames which Neil Thomas based on the Grant scenario.

Curt took a mostly French force with crossbowmen, Swiss halbardiers and a heavy gun on the hill.  His reinforcements included two pike units, plus single crossbow, Gendarme, "Archers" (heavy cavalry) units and a light gun.  Sylvain and Jeremy took an Italian force of 2 swordsmen, 2 arquebusier, halberdier, crossbows, Gendarmes and Mounted Crossbows and two medium guns. 

The key to this scenario is getting the balance right between the distance the attackers need to cross versus the distance the reinforcements need to cross.  I went with Grant's suggest 2:3 ratio, but the P&S variable moves could set that on it's ear.

Curt's reinforcements en route.
Painting Challenge fans may recognize many of the figures.  And yes that does appear to be a tin foil hat in the background.
The Attackers enroute.

As it turned out, Curt rolled up and led his Cavalry in a bold counter offensive.  In the process he took the risk of leaving his infantry to toddle on behind the horse boys.  Meanwhile, Sylvain and Jeremy had universally poor die rolls and their attack took ages to get going.  Fire from the hill disordered several of Jeremy's units causing further delays.
Cavalry melee in process.  In the background blackpowder weapons at work.

C'mon lads, you wanna live forever?

Getting to the crunch time on the ridge

The Swiss are looking outnumbered, but what is going on the background?


  1. Looks good but you are leaving us hanging...

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    1. It will come Martin, but I'm feverish today and not coherent enough yet!