Saturday, January 30, 2016

More Italians With Pole Arms

A small post this week, as January is what passes for my busy time of the year work wise. Still nothing like when I was a pension consultant but I tend to slow down in many ways this time of year.

These are another 8 Italians to "complete" the unit I had posted part of last week.  They now stand as a block of 16, but will I will likely increase my pike and halberd blocks to 24 at some point.  Pictures are below, including the full set of 16 and close ups of the new group of 8.  These are all Perry's. A pack of 6 Italian Heavy Infantry, a Plastic Foot Knight and a drummer from the Italian command set.  I have based them to match the first set of 8, but I'll try different combinations for the next unit.

These guys, along with the rest of my Italian Wars collection and Curt's troops say action last night. A full AAR will appear on the Single Handed Admiral later but two shots featuring these guys. Curt's fire disordered them in the advance so they fell behind the rest of their Battalia. You can see their flag in the background.

Speaking of seeing action, here's a group of four guys who aren't likely to modelling the latest in tinfoil hat designs.

Challenge entrants: PeterD, CurtC, Sylvain and JeremyM (left to right)


  1. January might be a busy month, but you are certainly not slowing down in the 'painting lovely miniatures' front Peter.

  2. Thanks Michael. It is a refractive busy-ness

  3. I think Curt should get the prize.

    Nice Italians as always.