Saturday, December 14, 2013

Analogue Hobbies Challenge

So once again I've signed myself up for Curt's Painting Challenge.  Hopefully, I do better this year than the complete fizzle I achieved last year (I don't wanna talk about it….).  I've given myself a modest target of 500 points, with the following plans in hand.
  1. War of 1812 British/Canadian and US armies using Perry and Victrix plastics including some kit bashing head swaps and modeller's licence (and maybe some red wine).
  2. WW2 Naval odds and sods - 1:1200 planes and a few 1:2400 ships.
  3. El Cid era odds and sods 28mm.
  4. Other Naval (more to be revealed).
The start date for the Challenge is tomorrow (Dec 15th)….but the start date for me will be some what later (a week or two likely).  I could be jealous of those who are able to jump right in on the 15th but will try and placate myself with the lie that I have more of a life than they do.  Actually what i do have is two University classes writing final exams this week coming (the 17th and the 18th) and a daughter returning from her first year away at University.

So fellow challenges (sp?) - while you're happily painting away think of me slaving away at 130 first year STATs papers and have a glass of red wine for me. 


  1. looking forward to seeing your output this year.
    Peace James

  2. Have a good challenge sir, i look forward to seeing your work

  3. Good luck to your brushes, Peter. I elected to sit on the sidelines this year as my painting ambitions did not really survive contact with my return to grad school this fall. I have a paper to write but fortunately no marking. I will have a glass of red wine in your honour this weekend.
    Mike P

  4. Andrew and James
    Thanks, you two have a good challenge too.

    Mike - enjoy your wine and good luck on the paper.

    Cheers all

  5. I am particularly looking forward to the ships. And the red wine.