Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A New Christmas CD Brings Out a Flood of Teenage Memories

If you are British and of a certain age with a certain taste in music, then you likely had a Nick Lowe LP or two.

I'm not really a Brit, OK half my DNA and my birth certificate are British but I've been west of the pond for 46 years.  However, I grew up in Halifax NS, a city that has always had ties with the UK and in the late 70s I was able to go to England quite often to get to know my dad.

So many memories wrapped up in this. I first woke up to new music that wasn't on the radio in 1978 and Nick Lowe was on my playlist a lot. The song was heavy on the family bonfire sing-a-long playlist. His new Christmas album is "Quality Street", a brand of chocolates that was always present at family gatherings. And Letterman's morning show had a direct impact on my attendance in first year English class…

Nick Lowe on Letterman


  1. Peter

    I must admit to being British (well Scottish really) and of a certain age (whatever that is) but I had to Google 'Nick Lowe' to see who on earth you were talking about!

    I never was a punk and am still waiting for the Beatles to reform, but 'Yeah, know who you mean now!'.


  2. I'm with Jim except that I didn't look him up however, apparently Quality Street chocolates are a staple in Newfoundland and thus with my mother-in-law so those, I know!

    Enjoy the memories!