Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Skype's Creek Pt2

Photos taken over Skype showing the battle progressing, while Ross' cat gets bored and wanders off.  One company of the 4th Infantry landed close to the battery and managed to get in among the gunners before they could get more than 1 shot off.  Meanwhile a US Naval landing party took the stone house and destroyed the company of defenders as they ran off.

On the left flank the 19th US landed up river of the bridge.  One company took the redoubt (in the second attempt) while the second took a defensive position to block the expected reaction.  BY the time this shot was taken, redcoats are advancing down the road while Indians in the centre and cleverly taking advantage of cover provided by the Cat's tail!

Over on the right the 4th US has one company in the battery (about to be seen off by Canadian militia) and a second in the stone house.  The naval landing party is looting bodies, drinking run and celebrating their adventures in the enclosure.  Meanwhile the 17th US and 5th New York are in the process of landing.

Having lost their cover the Indians advance to fire at close range on the US Infantry working at dismantling the bridge.  The redcoats are getting close to our left and a few die hard grenadiers can be seen in the woods on the shore.

The US left flank collapses as the 19th US is done in by a charge from the red coats.  The NY militia is advancing to reinforce the flank but will be late.


  1. Peter, what equipment are you using at your end? I want to try this, while investing in as little kit as possible.

    1. Lentulus

      A better question might be to ask Rossmac what equipment he used, since the table and figures were at his end. I think he used a laptop with built in webcam (which had to be rotated at times to give me a better picture of the flanks).



  2. Lentulus

    I just used what came on my Imac - the built in webcam, and the free downloaded Skype software.