Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Mea Cupla

I don't know about the rest of the planet, but it's mother's day here in North America.  Now I know that most of the people who will read this aren't mothers, but I suspect that most have mothers and many are married with kids of some age.  Therefore do your manly bit and enjoy the day giving your mum or spouse the royal treatment.   Or at least don't do what I did!

My daughter plays in youth orchestra that uses Bingo fund raising to pay for some costs (the parents out there are rolling their eyes knowingly).  Back in the winter, our bingo coordinator asked if I could run the bingo on May 13th so that he could spend his anniversary with his wife.  At the time May was a long way off, and it was way too early to even know what our calendar would look like in  May.  But, it was after the end of term and I could afford to be groggy on a Monday morning - so I said "sure".  Fast forward to the first of May and we flip the calendar page over and write down the commitments for the month - and hey look dad has us working late night bingo on Mother's day!

Just to be clear, the orchestra bingo's are almost always Sunday nights and almost always the late night program.  So yes we start coating bingo cards at 7:30, start selling them at 9:30 and the last card will be played around 12:30 or 1am.  So you ask who in their right mind plays bingo at 1 am on a Sunday night and on Mother's day of all day.  Well I let you know tomorrow, but my guess is that I'll know most of them by sight (from past bingo nights) and that many of them will bring their mums.

Meanwhile, I'll be out in the dog house wit jsmilesr !


  1. Yikes!

    I hope you successfully recovered by at least making a good mother's day breakfast!

    I leave the light on in the dog house for you

    1. Miles

      Well I have a partner in crime - my 16 year old who has booked her weekend getting ready for a student council election (video, posters and speech all due this week) plus homework on IB math. We're delaying the super breakfast and dinner to next weekend when the stars are more aligned.

      Just don't hog the blankert