Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Attention Spans - I Should Get Me One of Those

Ok I know I've been hopping about like a hamster that's been nibbling chocolate covered espresso beans, but this time there's a better reason than most....

Following up on my 1812 game last week, I've been contact with an urgent request (his words not mine) for plastic figure suppliers to refight 1812 battles.  So I did my research and sent him a list of alternatives (in 3 scales of course).  But it got me thinking (and I'm sure you know where that trail of thought led).....

Ok I have some Perry Napoleonics painted and unpainted, and one could do pretty much any infantry unit in uniforms with the contents of a Perry box of brit infantry.  Victrix does Brit artillery which will do for Yanks as well (once I borrow SYW cannons for them to crew) and I figure that I can convert the Perry french dragoons into both sides light dragoons (with the Xacto for the Yanks and with a Victrix French shako for the Brits).  And hey the frontiersmen and Indians transfer over from FIW, and Victrix makes heads in round hats for marines and US militia, and...

Ok somebody hit me now!


  1. *punc..* "Oh look! A squirrel! And shinies! Oooh, must get me some of those"

    Short attention span, flitting from thing to thing - sounds a bit like me (and probably most wargamers)

  2. I can't see what stopping you at the moment!!

  3. You're suffering from the "...ooooh, shiny!" complex that all war-gamers seem to suffer from at one time or another!

  4. Oh dear! Looks like another new project just stepped to the front of the queue, have fun. ;)

  5. I have an attention span! Several actually. I need several since they are all so short.

    All sounds quite plausible, simple even. Which probably means the catches are well hidden.