Thursday, August 10, 2017

Updates on a Couple of Fronts

Schnellenbach Campaign
The campaign is underway and we have seen Cavalry patrols from both sides meet just west of the key bridge over the Schnellenbach.  See the map below (North being the right hand edge), the bridge is in square 14 and the patrols met on the road in square 11. 

The Wine Debacle
I took the car to an auto-detailing shop on Tuesday (Monday being a holiday) and they were able to remove the last of the stain and the odor for $40 - money well spent.  A reprinted pdf of the Sharp Practice  rules is awaiting pickup.  And my gaming messenger bag has a stained interior but no exterior marks.  This is good news as it was a present from my daughter and is made from the sail from a Soling sailboat used in past Canadian Olympic trials - the Dacron being resistant to both stain and water damage.


  1. Phew! I'll sleep easier with that knowledge.

  2. Good stuff - keep at it. Glad to hear about the car.

  3. Thanks Tim and Conrad. We took the car on a 5 hour trip yesterday and it passed the sniff test (literally) from both my wife and daughter.