Sunday, March 12, 2017

SYW Powder Cart

This could be a multi-post week for me on the Challenge, but I suspect that it will lead to no posts next week.  This is a 28mm Powder Cart from Perry Miniatures AWI range. As with (almost) everything else I've done this year it is for my SYW Sharp Practice project.

As with everything else that I've painted from this range, this was a lovely set and went together very nicely and quickly.  It also painted up quickly and nicely.

Rather than paint this for a specific army I went with a generic approach so that it could serve either the French or Anglo-Allied forces.  I used a faded dark blue-grey for the cart and painted the driver as a civilian.  Similarly the Perry's sell this as a powder cart but I think that it can double as a ammo cart, engineer cart or what ever else I need it to be.

I have been basing my troops on washers for individual figures and Renendra plastic bases from Perry box sets for multi-figure bases.  This set was bigger than any plastic bases I had on site so I cut a piece of bass wood to fit.

Points wise that's a cart, a horse and a foot figure.  I'll leave it to my minion to work out the math officially.