Saturday, January 21, 2017

Yet Again More Highlanders

Another post to this year's challenge.

Yes more guys in kilts, this time 6 figures including 4 privates an officer and a piper.  I am a bit reluctant to share these given the absolutely stunning results that Jasper and Benjamin achieved on figures from the same Perry AWI range this week, but I need the points.

The four private soldiers.

Details are the same as the past posts on this regiment.  I have adopted a take it in small bites and enjoy the meal approach to this project hence my posts are coming in dribs and drabs.  I have a total of 31 figures, to make 3 Sharp Practice groups plus leaders etc.  This lot brings me to 19 figures completed, about 2/3 of the way there.  But I need a break from kilts for a bit so will be shifting gears a bit.

I need to fix the green lapels on Archie in the top right, there should be no lapels with white lace.
Officer and piper

I followed Kronoskaf for the piper uniform, reversed facings with Royal Stewart tartan, but I am more than a little doubtful on the provenance.  Any pictures I can find from the period tho pipers in scarlet jackets with Black Watch tartan.  Plus I doubt anyone was going wear Royal Stewart only 15 years after Culloden!  But it's a pretty tartan and makes the piper distinctive.  Being green on red with white overstripes I had to do more than my impressionistic approach to the Royal Stewart.  I was happy with my result until I saw Benjamin's efforts 😢 which rather put me to shame.

Again gotta fix Archie's lapels!


  1. They look well. Are they going to see action soon?

    1. Hopefully by the Spring Equinox! Thanks

  2. They do look good but the 19th century piper colours are more than questionable, especially since officially no Pipers were authorized. Apparently some were carried on the books as drummers, others disguised by varous administrative sleights of hand. I was terribly dissapointed years ago when doing my mid19th C 54's when I found that at that time, the Black Watch pipers reverted to BW tartan and scarlet for a number of years, with drummers in white like bandsmen. I baulked and did the Royal Stewart and green jackets with red drummers

    1. Thanks Ross. I think I should have done red jackets and BW tartan, as a private soldier who took his pies with him. Oh well, I'm not stripping him down and reprinting him!