Friday, January 13, 2017

Hanoverian Engineer for SYW

My latest post from the Challenge - this was posted on Thursday the 12th.  The morning of Friday the 13th was equally frosty and I was equally wrapped up.

Greetings from the Frozen Canadian North.  Today has what my wife and I refer to as a Maximum SF (Snot Freeze) Factor - meaning that snot freezes instantaneously on contact with outside air.  Windchill be damned the SF is the true measure of cold!

Today's forecast.  Note the carrot dangling temperatures of later this'll never happen.

Moi sporting the "ears and noses are fashion statements" look.

Just a single figure for this post.  There hopefully will be a second and slightly larger post later today, if  the basing gods are favourable.  This is a mounted 28mm Hanoverian Engineer office for my Seven Years War Sharp Practice project.  I wanted to give my British force a selection of support options and an engineer was an obvious one with many scenario uses.

The figure comes from a Perry AWI Hessian mounted commanders pack and is labelled as the Stirn figure.  There's not much info on Herr Stirn, but commanded a brigade in the Brandywine Campaign.  Based on the sculpt I'd say he was a frequent visitor to the Schnitzel Haus and Ratskeller as he packs a girth.  It is a very nice mini with lots of character, which I will ensure makes its way on table in my SP games.

I've painted him in the uniform of a Hanoverian Engineers officer, based on this rather charming folk art representation.  
Gotta love the lace wars!

The "British" army in Western German was mostly Hanoverian with Hessian,  Brunswick and British (from 1759) contingents.  The commander was a Brunswick Duke and a Prussian General on loan from Freddy the Great.  There's plenty of opportunity to get the different national contingents intermingled, possibly with language issues occurring.  Based on what I can figure, Hanover had a decent engineering corps while I can't find much on British Engineers in Germany.  Plus the light blue was too good to pass up and avoids confusion with French Engineers (who like the Brits wore dark blue with red facings). 

Really an engineer should be on foot, but this guy looks too self important to get off of his prize German Warmblood horse and get his hands dirty.  He's quite happy to direct and delegate - I plan to have some pioneers for him to boss around later in the campaign.

So that's one 28mm mount figure = 10 points.

PS  Commnetary after my original post led to the figure being declared Herr Drumpf!


  1. Your mounted engineer looks quite distinguished! As for the weather, we are in a cold snap too with lows hovering around 0F. Should warm up to above freezing next week. Quite a bit of snow on ground too.

  2. I'm surprised your paint hasn't frozen!

    1. That used to happen but then I figured out to come inside.

  3. Always impressed by painters who tackle these highly detailed miniatures, Peter, and you've certainly done a top job on all his frills and colours. Great AHPC entry imho.