Sunday, July 12, 2015

Grog, the Civilized Version

We are having the hottest weekend so far this summer, with temps at 30C with the humidex at 36C and now a Tornado watch.  For those of you still measuring distances in medieval Kings' body parts and temps based on sick Germans, I don't know the translation to Farenheit.

So we went for the modern reboot of18th Century Naval Grog -Mojitos.  Actually the recipe is not that different: rum, sugar, soda water, lime, mint.  Very refreshing, and the mint camefrom the garden.


  1. Cheers! It is raining here in old Blighty, another splendid English summer.

    1. We would gladly trade for some rain. The North has a lot of forest fires, with thousands of people evacuated south and we had really bad air quality from the smoke all last week.
      Cheers, PD

    2. Sorry to hear that Peter. God willing it will pass.

      As your medical adviser, I advise another grog.

    3. Excellent advice sir! I believe that I will.