Friday, April 3, 2015

AHPCV Italian Wars Genoese Crossbowmen

I am continuing the catch-up on posts to the Painting Challenge.  Here is a set of 8 28mm Crossbowmen for my Italian Wars project using Perry plastics (the European Mercenaries plus maybe other bits via the Foot knights).  I have given them a Green theme and will be fielding them as French, or possibly Genoese.

Once again I love the poses and the variable combinations of torsos, head and arms that cane be formed.  It is nice to have the shot figures in a variety of loading and shooting poses.

Also I've included a shot to supplement my earlier post today as It think it has a better view of the flags.  The orange banner came out especially well IMHO.


  1. You're certainly cranking these nice figures out. Well done and nice additions.

    1. Thanks Dean. It only looks like I am pumping them out quickly because I had over a months worth of posts built up. Think of it like time lapse photography.
      Cheers, PD