Tuesday, November 25, 2014

More El Cid Photos

Going with my strong suit here.  I've got lots of Sean's superb pics and he's making my figures look better than they have a right to.

A lot of action going on here looking from the Castillain side.  On the left, Count Sancho's Hidalgos are in melee with El Cid's.  This would lead to the Campeador and followers being swept fro the table to be followed up by Sancho.  Meanwhile the militia in the centre and Sean's right wing advance.  Note that Sylvain has position his Cavalry for a flank charge on the far right.

Curt and I deal with the Light Cavalry melee on the far left.  The Andalusians were victorious and followed up into the militia. .

The Bishop on top of the Church

Two units of Morrish LC crash into Jeremy's militia.  Blood stains mark the hits.  The peons did very well seeing off multiple attacks.

Add your own caption - what it Curt saying?

Andalusian HC charge Castillian militia MC, while Hildalgos come through the orange groves.

If you go down to the woods today...

Having seen off the militia MC, Sylvain's HC crash into mercenary HI.

Blood trails follow Sylvain, but look to your flanks boys!


  1. Oh how you spoil us Peter - more lovely photographs Sir.

    1. Thank you sir.

      One more set to go.