Wednesday, November 26, 2014

And Yet More El Cid

Rules question?  I also love the rubber duckies in the fountain.

Count Garcia closes in on Ibn 'Ammar's spearmen.  The model railway orange trees do look nice.  Note the booty (slaves, religious artifacts, livestock, dirty books etc) on the road.

Getting down to the crunch!

The Castillians hit the line on both ends with charging Hidlagos.  Unfortunately, in both cases the charges were repulsed and the Hildalgos eliminated a effective fighters.

I should point out that the mitre belongs to Sylvain - his wife picked it up at the local theatre's jumble sale.

Curt looks resigned to his fate as he prepares to roll the dice of fate.  But he rolled up and the Castillians rolled down.

Taken during set up - this shows off my new troop carrying boxes.  File boxes with inserts made from foam core board glued together with hot glue.  Amazing what happens when a cheap-ass war gamer and his ex-brownie troop leader wife get together.

Set up pictures again but from a bird's eye view.

Oh yes - the trays come with handles made from bias tape.  Check out Curt's really cool buildings in the rafters behind.


  1. There's a familiar place and faces. Curt looks so grim! Was he not having a good night?
    I have those same Battlefront resin roads. I was wondering if the Hidalgos or Castillians had cavalry so heavy they required tracks! The table cloth, with its subtle colouring, is very effective.
    Love the storage boxes, very practical. Now, if only I could find a hat like the one Sylvain is wearing, I could call myself the Mad Bishop!

    1. Mike
      Well you know some of those horses are pretty big hooves!
      Can't you just hallucinate that you gave a hot like that?

    2. Cripes, I do look like a grim SOB! If memory serves I think I was operating on a few hours sleep that day which says much to my dour appearance. I may have been sulking as I wanted a special hat too! :0)

      Yes, the tracks on the roads... It is the only thing I hate about the roads. If they had left well enough alone they could easily be used for any period. I'm currently filling the tracks in with texture gel and repainting (a pain to be sure). Otherwise they are great!

    3. Curt
      Grim looking of not you were a good host. Next time I haul the ancient Greeks out you can wear your Corinthisn helmet! I expect you'll be shouting "what?!?" At us every time we speak however. Hmmm ther's a built in command control mechanism!

    4. THAT would be hilarious. I also have a Roman centurion helmet (from the set of HBS's 'ROME' no less) and a ECW helmet. So, we're spoiled for choice in making me look like a dork (well, more dorky than usual).