Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back from Vacation in Halifax, NS

I've been silent on the blog for the past 10 days due to a family vacation back to our original home town of Halifax, NS.  I was able to touch base with Ross, with evidence of a game played in person at Battle Game of the Month, as well as visiting with friends an family.

Many of the tourist attractions in Halifax concern its Naval history, and while I didn't do many of the sites I did take photos of the following historic ships.

CSS Acadia, a hydrographic  survey ship built in 1912 in Scotland, and appearing in the 1914 edition of Jane's (among others).

HMCS Sackville, the last remaining Flower class corvette.

If your children are of the right age you may recognize Theodore Tugboat (here with my family).


  1. I enjoyed the Sackville tour in 2010 when I was there last. It is a wee little ship. I tried in vain to imagine getting bashed around in a mid-Atlantic gale while aboard a ship that size.

  2. I've been close enough sailing through the Alderney Race with with against tide!