Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Plans for the Christmas Break

With end of term at hand (I'm writing this while 28 students write a Financial Mathematics Exam), it's time to plan for the holidays.

We're staying at home (my mother in law went to the UK instead of Sask. this year), what with my daughter studying for exams in early January and me prepping for two courses I've never taught before including one that I'm designing from scratch.

So what to do, what to do....?

  • Paint up more 28mm plastic Napoleonics
  • Paint up my 1:1200 scale aircraft to go with the 1:2400 WWII ships
  • Read a bunch of history books (depending on what appears under the tree)
  • Tidy up my wargames figures, supplies and terrain (a huge euphemism for something approaching a very specific labour of Hercules)
  • Clean up the basement enough to set up a wargames table and play a couple of solo games (this one is not completely my fault as the basement work required a very hasty shift and dump in the summer)
  • Clear the family out of a room so that I can use the floor for a solo naval game
  • Give David Crook's portable naval rules a test

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