Sunday, December 4, 2011

Painting Projects

Painting and modeling the Peninsula continues.  I have a battalion of French line infantry painted, based and flocked, and a unit of the 60th rifles painted but un-based.  On the way - the 24th foot built, primed and about 1/3 painted.  So far I'm really having fun with the plastic figures, even if my plastic modelling skills are rusty.  They paint up well, and I like the ability to vary the poses and equipment.  And you can't argue with the price - about 80 loonies gets 2 boxes of Perry Brits- 3* 24 man battalions plus a unit of 8 rifle.  That would be 14 boxes of Perry metals or $224). 

Victrix French Infantry 1807-12.

The same from an overhead view.

A company of the 5/60th.  From the Perry's British Infantry box set.

The same group of riflemen.  Since this is the 60th not the 95th these must be Fredericksson's men.


  1. Hi Peter,

    Very nice indeed sir! I like the 5/60th. How large a set up are you planning all told?

    All the best,


  2. David

    Boy you're fast off the mark - but then again you're 6 hours ahead of me. Planning in flexible (or as my wife says for DIYs non-existant). The goal would be enough of both sides to cover the scenarios in the CS Grant books! So I'm guessing 8-12 line battalions, 2-3 light units, 4 cavalry units and 3 batteries per side (but that's today's answer)!.

    Also the plan is to go with plastics as much as possible, fleshing out with metals where it's not (British Lt Dragoons and Heavies, French guns and everybody's staff). Of course at the rates of progress by the time I get there, they may be available in plastics.


  3. Looking good! Nice to know you haven't lost your touch.

  4. Ross

    Thanks. It was nice to get back to the Horse and Musket types - most of my painting over the last 10 years (gulp!) has been medievals! This now marks the 3rd scale I've painted French Napoleonic Line Infantry and the 3rd uniform regime. I started with Airfix 1/72 c1815, moved to 15mm c1805 and now its 28mm and 1811.