Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Progress on Projects

In typically style, my painting is proceeding at a Kutusov like snail's pace while I rush into project ideas like Blucher.  Someday maybe I'll find a Wellingtonian middle ground where plans and results move somewhat in step.

Based on recent blogs, listing projects on the go seems to be all the rage in the UK and east coast so here goes.

  1. Span-Am project:  Plenty of ideas for scenarios and good choices for rules.  I have about 1/3 of the forces in 1:1200 home builds.  Further construction put on hold without basement renos.  I am  also consider War Times Journal 1:3000 models instead of scratch builds.
  2. World War II Mediterranean Naval in 1:2400.  Has outpaced SpanAm project since I went with GHQ models.  Have usable forces set to go, but need to get space in house to play (i.e. sort out the basement) or get my ducks together and run a game at the monthly games night.
  3. Napoleonic Naval:  My British and Franco=Hispanic fleets emerged from mothballs during renos, but sadly in need of re-rigging.  I am also considering  scrapping the current Navwar/Skytrex lot and going with Langtons.
  4. Napoleonic Peninsula War:  Has been making slow if recent progress with French infantry regiment about 2/3 painted.  The plan is to go with Perry and Victrix plastics as far as possible, based for Black Powder but with final rules choice up in the air.   
  5. French and Indian War.  Again these refugees appeared in basement renos,  The plan is to replace current single bases with Black Powder style stands and game using BP or MacDuff (depending on what MacDuff's flavour of the month is)


  1. What about a Murmansk run for the WWII naval, played out side in realistric weather conditions.

    Before you rebase the F&IW check out Musket Mayhem on Rob Dean's blog for a skirmish game http://sharpbrush.blogspot.com/2011/10/rules-update-musket-mayhem.html

    My last back woods game was played with Hearts of Tin however, basing insensitive. MacDuff is still confused at the moment.

  2. North Atlantic swells and freezing spray are hard to find on the prairies. And no self respecting Italian cruiser captain would go anywhere near the arctic circle.

    I prefer blocks to singles for most troops and am not so much into skirmish level games.

    I'll look at BP, HoT and prior versions of WMTTF.

  3. I would heartily recommend the langtons for 1/1200 Napoleonic ships - while they can be a bit of a challenge to build (especially if you go with the brass sails) the end model is well worth the effort

    Nice blog