Monday, November 7, 2011

General Winter

General Winter made his first assault on the prairies this weekend, with 5-10cms of snow.  Here's hoping the Berezina crossing is clear for the march home this aft.

 I spent a good part of Sunday locating hats, mitts, shovels, ice scrapers and the like.  Luckily I had put the snow tires on the Nissan (aka the summer car), and well, um, never actually took them off the Subaru (aka the winter car).    So Sunday's excursions to Orchestra practice and the mall were safer for us than for many except for dodging the rest of the driving world.  Nothing like the first day of winter driving!  In a week or two most people will have figured it out, but there were two cars in the ditch off the Ring Road.


  1. If it helps, it was 14 degrees and sunny in Nova Scotia today.

  2. [Comment deleted as violating blogging rules]