Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day Ramblings

What do you know, I actually got rid of some figures.  I sold off my 15mm 1805 Austerlitz allies and my 15mm Prussian SYW (both 20-30 years old), plus enough buildings to make up a fair sized 15mm town plus fortified city walls.  I sold off the French side to Hinds figures a few years back.  He gave me a fair price, but the costs of mailing them overseas was high.  Also they suffered in transit leaving Hinds with more work than he would like.

Now what to do with the windfall? Plans so far are to pick up subscriptions to the local theatre so that I and my lovely wife can actually have our own social schedule instead of living vicariously through my 15 year old.  Then I've been eyeing the GHQ 1:2400 WWII micronauts for my Mediterranean diversion.    This would give me a gaming project for the summer with the advantages of taking up less space than land based games both in the painting stage and in storage.  Handy when your summer plans are limited to staying home while your basement walls get excavated by bob-cats.

Other ideas:

  1. I also love the War Times Journal 1:3000 predreadnoughts and have thoughts on these for the Span-Am project.  However, I am trying to stick with my half completed 1:1200 scratch builds.
  2. Napoleonic Naval - I have old fleets from Navwar, Skytrex and GHQ in need of re-rigging.  I also love the Langton range.   But I am trying to postpone this idea because of the frustrations of rigging ships.
  3. 28mm Napoleonics - having sold the 15mms I now feel entitled to game the Peninsular war in 28mm.  I have Perry and Victrex plastics still in the boxes, so I'll likely start with these before getting more.  Also I am in a distinctly naval mood (no surprises there) and 28mm Nappys will take up a lot of space.

I actually watched the Royal Wedding on Friday and enjoyed it!  It brought out pride in my English side (I was born in Northampton and my dad lives near Portsmouth), but at the same time I found myself humming the Housemartins "The People Who Grinned Themselves to Death".

In Canada we have an odd juxtaposition of Federal Government events on Monday - it's both the deadline to file your income taxes (extended from the 30th due to the weekend) and election  day.  A reminder to all Canucks to cast your ballot - I do so that I can legitimately complain about the result.  Interestingly enough the advance polls had an unexpectedly high turnout and there's been a campaign to motivate young voters.  I particularly liked the campaign that hit the university campus this spring "You wouldn't let your grandparents pick your dates, why let them pick your government?".


  1. Combining Option 3 with a naval focus may I suggest Royal Marines and a Naval Landig party for some skirmish games? Not too many figures to paint, nor too much room and one could frame a sort of mini-campaign combining naval engagements and skirmishes ashore (not to mention boarding parties ) all to track the exploits and careeer of Midshipman Douglas as he rises to Captain and higher (should he live long enough).

  2. It's tempting....
    Also I've been reading a recent history of the Med War from an Italian perspective and there's a lovely little action in the Dodecanese in 1941. Both sides showed up with troops loaded on naval ships as the Commonwealth tried to take an island off the turkish coast. Ships involved included destroyers, a China gunboat and a submarine.