Friday, May 6, 2011

Iberian Diversions

Well, I finally did it and picked up a copy of Command & Conquest Napoleonics, and so far am impresses with the game.  I spent an hour or so last night putting stickers on little wooden blocks, ably assisted by my daughter and much to my wife's amusement.

The basement continues to overshadow most gaming.  We had the contractors in to patch the wall as a literal stop gap measure.  This meant clearing everything back from the wall (except the washer and dryer which they worked around).  The firm was on time, polite and did good work.  They are back in June with bobcats to excavate the entire foundation, brace the bad wall, seal all the walls and then put in weeping tile.  Of course the wall to be braced has both the gas meter and the electrical panel, which should be fun to deal with.  I'm also not sure how we'll get in out once the digging starts!

I've put off doing the naval game at our local con.  I was too late getting on the schedule and would be up against the other big historical event (CCN game), which meant we'd be vote-splitting the interested parties.  Plus I'm just not ready after final exams and flooding.  Next year, and quite possible later this month at a regular games day.


  1. Amazing that they can train those wild Bobcats to dig, hard to train our domestic cats to do anything.

    Sounds like it won't be just the tiles weeping
    when the final bills are in but hopefully this'll make your basement into a water tight compartment.

    I've just been patching the garden shed roof to keep the sky out. House roof is next.

  2. Hi Peter,

    C and C Napleonics is a very good game indeed! I plan to use the blocks on my Hexon terrain and fight the battles in 3d (I don't own any Napoleonic figures although I have done in teh past). The rules have a nice period feel so you will certainly enjoy this one for sure!

    All the best,


  3. Ross

    As for your cats, the problem is that cats are much better at training humans than vice versa....

    It was suggested (by my brother-in-law) that I should rent the bobcat and excavate myself. This was vetoed based on the fact that my family considers me a potential "Canada's Worst Handyman" contestant

    good luck keeping your heads dry.


  4. DC

    I just sold off the last of my 15mm Napoleonics, but have Perry and Victrix figures still in the box. I figure that CCN will be a good interim fix.