Wednesday, January 9, 2019

SYW Hanoverian Commander on Recon

For the Reconnaissance Bonus Round I have a Hanoverian Command group having a scout of the enemy.  We have a general with a jaeger officer and sentry.  Figures are all 28mm, the general is Front Rank and the two Jaegers are from the Perry AWI Hessian range.

I picture the scene where the general goes forward to get the lay of the land.  He lets the sharp-eyed Jaeger office use the glass to get the best report.  Meanwhile the jaeger on guard takes advantage of the break to get in a puff or two on his pipe.

I had trouble finding information on Hanoverian generals uniforms during the Seven Year's War, but in the end went with an officer's regimental uniform.  Generals in both the British and Prussian armies wore their regimentals, so I figured that would work for Hanoverians too.  This fellow wears the Uniform of the Wangenheim Infantry, red with straw facings.  The inhaler during the SWY was Georg August von Wangenheim who was promoted through the general ranks over the war.  He served in detached roles on occasion and seems to have been less of a fossilized relic than other Hanoverians.  

The general was a breeze to paint - the Front Rank figures generally have clean poses and good detail.  Front Rank's run a little chunkier than Perry's do but I figure that Jaegers should be lithe and wiry and the general's mount looks a solid block of German warm blood horseflesh.

The Hanoverian Freytag's Jaegers (along with the Hessian Jaegers) were seemingly everywhere in the campaign in Western Germany and heavily involved in the Kleine Krieg.  Greatly expanded over the war by 1760 there were 6 mounted and 6 foot jaeger companies.  Dress was utilitarian, green without facing colours with straw breeches.  While the Hanoverians intended to arm them with rifles, apparently regular muskets were more common due to shortages.  By contrast Hessian jaegers brought their own hunting rifles!

I find that the jaeger green is always problematic to paint, it being difficult to get the sweet spot between two faded and too flat matte.  I shaded and dry brushed to the point of "close enough for government work" and left them at that.  The officer's yellow sash was also interesting.  These figures are from my favourite packs from Perry, AWI Hessian garrison musketeers and command at ease.

I've been using round bases for command stands, and this one looked a little big for the figures.  I therefore tried to add some terra forming using a bark chip.

Aside from the Bonus Round points, make that 20 points for the 1 mounted and two foot 28mm figures.  Duels Wallah those points should be ratcheted up on the Black Powdometer.


  1. This is a nifty vignette, Peter! Good choice on the Hanoverian jaeger regiment to model.

  2. I thought that this was a lovely piece Peter, beautifully presented.

  3. That's a wonderful little vignette.

  4. What a beautiful vignette, great job on the minis and on the base, congrats!

  5. It's a great looking base, and the addition of the terrain really makes the composition come alive!

    1. Cheers Gonsalvo, I'm quite pleased wit the result.