Friday, January 5, 2018

Fischer's Chasseurs

12 figures for the Challenge plus 2 on the right painted in 2016 for contrast.  Note the darker more monotone uniform.

Here's my first post for this year's Analog Hobbies Painting Challenge.  I've been participating since Challenge number 4.  This year I'm dealing back my target due to having to take on extra duties under one of the two hats that I wear.

These are 12 light infantrymen from of the Chasseurs du Fischer, an irregular unit from the French Army that served in the War of Austrian Succession and Seven Years War.  Fischer's unit was one of the better irregular units and grew to a 8 companies each of foot and mounted chasseurs.  They were heavily engaged in the Kleine Krieg throughout the war. 

The figures are from Front Rank, who deserve a shout out for good service.  I had a small group of 6 chasseurs painted a year or so back and ordered 6 more to make a larger unit.  My package seemed late arriving, and after another Front Rank package arrived (which I ordered later) I contacted them to see if they could track it.  The next morning I got a note back saying that they'd sent out a duplicate package to replace the missing one.  Sure enough both packages arrived safely in the end, but Front Rank said to keep them both.

The right hand file are from the lot painted in 2016.   Need to fix the collar on the chasseur in the centre!

The figures are very nice and painted up nicely.  I like the droopy moustaches and the mix of loading/firing poses.  Front Rank figures tend to be stouter than Perry's for example, but with this period the bulkier clothing styles hides a lot of the extra bulk.  The mirliton (or flugelmutze to use the lovely German term) adds to the irregular feel.  Nothing better for skulking in the underbrush than a tall stiff felt hat with a long fabric tail on it!

From the rear

For the first set I'd painted, I found that the solid green I'd used was a little flat and so opted for a wash technique to bring out more details,  This was an old technique that I'd used for my 15mm Austerlitz armies 35 years ago, and can give the impression of an aqua colour print, which I like for Lace Wars armies.  I'm not sure that this was the best decision, but that bridge is crossed now.  Perhaps I'll go back and touch them up or add a deep wash over top.

Uniform information on even regular units can be sketchy for the SYW, and there were conflicting opinions on this unit to be sure.   While my fist six have white belts, black cartridge boxes and brass buttons, I opted for buff belts, brown cartridge box and pewter buttons for this lot.  I found this print to use as a guide, which also illustrates the problems inherent with keeping up with current hat fashions.

A (non-baker's) dozen foot chasseurs in 28mm at 5 points a pop gives me a starting volley for 60 points.  At least I've broken my duck.

Ok it's most of the new group.


  1. They're great! And the wash technique looks lovely to my eyes. I use a similar approach for much of my painting. At some point this year, I'll have a go at painting a a dozen or so yet-to-be-released Crann Tara Chasseurs de Fischer and plan to vary their gaiters, belts, and kit items a little, which strikes me as the thing to do for an irregular unit.

    Best Regards


    1. Cheers Stokes and thanks for the kind words. I saw the same print on your blog a few days ago - SNAP!

  2. Nice brushwork and good start to the Challenge!
    Front Rank always provides great service and great figures at a reasonable price.

  3. Very nice Chasseurs; love the green and the mirliton.

  4. Nice addition. I'm never quite sure about light troops in sparkling white gaiters but tall caps have never affected the performance of my Fusiliers de la Morlière so you can rest easy on that front.

    1. Good point on the gaiters, but in this case I wanted a contrast from the green coats and breeches. Last time out my Chasseurs got outshot by British Light Dragoons, so the jury is still out n the Mirlitons.

  5. An impressive group, great job and nice diversity of the poses...