Wednesday, June 1, 2016

SP2 Inspiration

In recent posts I've talked about my Kleine Krieg project using Sharp Practice 2.  So what's the inspiration here.

Let us look at the forces involved.  In the Red Corner on the Allied side we have:

  • Luckner's Hussars, a formerly Dutch unit that transferred to Hanoverian pay after the WAS and led by a future Marshall of France and the inspiration for La Marseillaise (you can't make this Sh*t up).
  • Hessian Jaegers composed of huntsmen and gamekeepers and armed with rifles.  This is the same regiment that served so well in the AWI.
  • Brunswick and Hessian Grenadiers.
  • Campbell's and Keith's Highlanders who were used frequently as light troops.  And yes I expect to have a Captain Campbell figure based on certain local gamer.
  • British Light Dragoons
  • Also worthy of note is the presence of the "Hereditary Prince" or Erbprinz of Brunswick who served as a independent command role frequently.  Better known as the Duke of Brunswick who was defeated at Valmy and killed at Jena, in the SWY he was a much younger and much more active commander and one of the better generals.
Meanwhile in the Blue Corner, on the French side we have

  • The Bercheny Hussards, the oldest hussar regiment in the French army.  Col. Bercheny was a Transylvanian under Ottoman rule who formed a regiment of hussars and took it to serve the French Kings
  • Fischer's Chasseurs and a host of other colourful light units
  • The Irish Brigade always good for flavour!
  • Dragoons in a mounted and dismounted role
  • Exiled Saxons who had been impressed into Prussian service after the conquest of Saxony in 1756 and subsequently escaped to serve in new Saxon units alongside the French.
All good and colourful stuff.  And the actions in the Kliene Kreig - the stuff of Charles Grant scenarios.  Bridge demolitions, raids, ambushes, river crossings the whole shebang.


  1. I sent off for SP2 for just the same sort of reasons. I look forward to your battle reports.

    1. Alan
      Hopefully the AARs will follow within the month.

  2. Always good to have troops in red on both sides for this sort of affair.

    1. Yes well the SP sides are labeled red and blue, just like in the Grant scenarios. But there will be lads in blue and red on both sides.
      Cheers, Peter

  3. Ok... Cut to the chase... Where is nice new shiny?

    1. Dave
      Ok yes I've been a windbag of late. Pictures of shiny things to follow shortly...I promise. There has in fact been a good reason for this approach.