Monday, May 16, 2016

Silent on the Blog but Not Inactive!

Forgive me father it has been six weeks since my last posting.....

It's funny how one can blog in great spurts and then completely get off the habit for a while.  I had a big flurry of posts over the Winter tracking my activity in the Painting Challenge along with a few game reports.  The last one was dated March 31, as I posted the last of my Painting Challenge entries.
And then April hit...

April brought end of term, a series of term papers to mark, a business trip to Toronto and final exams.    And then my daughter returned home for the summer from University leading to another flurry of activity. Oh I am trying to get our garden in...

So while I've been battling an acute case of REAL LIFE, what else I have been up to?

  • A reasonable amount of painting - some Great Italian Wars and more Seven Years War.
  • Several game nights with our regular group, though not at it's top of form weekly rate due to my schedule.  IIRC there were two games of Zombicide, one of Zombicide Black Plague, a lost game of Black Powder Peninsula War battle and a game of the Eldritch Horror.
  • Planning for a new project, more to follow.
  • Lots of looking at rules, scenario books and uniforms guides


  1. He lives! Welcome back - let's try to keep that 'real life' stuff at bay for a while.

  2. Glad to hear you're still with us!

  3. Well that's a relief, we were getting worried!

  4. Ah... thank goodness. I thought marshalling my meagre AHPC efforts had driven you to insanity. A case of one comic book superhero too many ;-)

  5. Thanks all for your concern. Rumours of my demise and sanity are greatly exaggerated.

  6. Wait, there are papers to mark in real life???

    1. Don't worry mon ami, I'm sure you can continue to avoid reality a little longer!