Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wet Weekend = Engineering Win

Regina is drying out after a very wet weekend - 91 mm of rain over two days following about 10 days of on and off rain.  Photos below.


While neighbours were spotted lugging pumps and hoses about and pumping out their basements, ours stayed dry thanks to the work we had done a couple of years back.

We have a strange yellow orb in the skies (it burns the eyes) and it's scheduled to last 10 days.  Hopefully our very wet garden dries out before then.

Oh yes and Happy Canada Day!


  1. The strange yellow orb gets around - we've seen it here today - a very nice day indeed, though our Paraguayan visitors are grumbling about it being chilly!

  2. The Paraguayans are right the UK is chilly in summer!