Sunday, March 9, 2014

Your Input Is Requested

So I had one of those conversations that war gamers have with their wives.  No that not one.  And no, not that one either.  This was a good one.

It started with "Dear, why don't you find a better way of storing and transporting your figures?" and went through "what do other gamers do", with side trips to "I dunno" and "let's google it and see what turns up".  Oh yes, a we had a visits to "my gosh, gamers are a lot messier than quilters" "no sh*t" and "OK, in general guys will put up with a lot less clutter".

So we looking at revamping my storage methodology, which is currently based on shoving stuff into what ever rubber maid or cardboard box turns up and results in many casualties.  I would show you a picture, but then I would have to kill you!

I have sign off to look at better methods that we can create at home given two crafty minds.   She, being a quilted and an ex-brownie leader, is much more creative than mine.

So what input am I asking of my readers - simple send me a picture of what you use or tell me in words.  Both your general war-games room and specific army storage methods would be useful.



  1. I think you've seen my er, 'systems' already. Basically box files for 20mm, 15mm toys and 1/1200 ships, and Really Useful Boxes for the 25s and 54s. A lot of one type of box means they're easier to shelve and to transport. I assume that all my toys will have to travel to games and box them accordingly. Let me know if you need more info or pics.

  2. I'll have to get back to you on this one - but the answer will be in the form of a blog entry or an interpretive dance.

  3. I use Really Useful Boxes for all my figs - these stack nicely and by selecting the right sizes I can cram in ... er carefully place... as many as I can in my available storage space.

    -- Allan

  4. For my painted, war ready, troops I have a glass sided/fronted 6foot tall cabinet with extra glass shelves installed. The units sit on these on their movement trays (just about fit one unit across the width), packed fairly close. Lead pile is in boxes on the wardrobe floor.

  5. For in home storage, I got some display cabinets from IKEA (the Billy line) they a very inexpensive and look good when assembled. Its nice to be able to both store and display the various armies I've accumulated.

    For transport a second vore for the plastic "really useful boxes" I line the side with bubble wrap and use the air pillows one gets in boxes over the top and that seems to work fine

  6. Thanks for the input all. I had not seen the Really Useful boxes and had thought that these were a UK only product. It turns out that I can get them through the Canadian Mallwart (selling plastic crap since 1959). However to start with, SWMBO and I are starting with banker's boxes with home made trays from foam core board. Plus I get to play with a hot glue gun to offer my burnt sacrificial offerings to the goddess of crafting.