Sunday, January 19, 2014

Interesting Conversations With Shopkeepers

Yesterday my wife had to go to the fabric shop.  I go along because I am interested in her sewing/quilting hobbies and because can I use her discount card to buy useful stuff.  For instance, yesterday I got a small cutting mat for $3 (less than 2 quid for UK readers).  Plus she always knows the specials and when stuff is on a good sale, or if the "sale" is actually the normal price.  This was useful when I got the vinyl for my sea mat.

Any, I digress so back on track.  Yesterday, I popped across the street to the art & craft store to buy paints and look for X-acto blades.  I paint with mostly artist acrylics, plus some cheap craft acrylics and never touch the special "model" paints as I assume that they are the same stuff but cost more!  So I got my Liquitex flesh and iridescent bronze but struck out on Xacto blades.  The clerk looked at me and said "That's a very interesting combination of colours - what are you painting?".  She was good and said "OK that makes sense" with out looking too weirded out when I replied that I paint model soldiers.

It reminded me of a time early in my gaming career when I bought 3 metres of green felt for a gaming mat.  This was long before SWMBO so I paid full price, i.e. at a premium but I was young and uneducated in domestic and fabric matters.  This was in October, so close to Halloween. The clerk looked at my purchase and asked "Are you going as a frog?"