Saturday, November 16, 2013

Photos of Our Recent Convoy Action

British Convoy en route to the Med.  Stacey nicely convoyed gluten free provisions visible in the background.

Convoy from down low

The might of the Italian Navy at sea!!

Fortified by wine, Stacey plots his move.
The fleets converge (I'm not sure why either side tried to close so much, but who am I to argue)

There's a gonna be a fight here partner.

Sylvain mulls over his options and his wine.

Smoke - a dastardly British trick!

Getting closer while Sylvain gets closer to the snacks.

The sea is really rolling at this angle.

Red arrows mark the British torpedoes - red smoke from the Trento signals a hit!  I'm not sure of the wisdom of the DD captain who turned back towards his own fish trails.

Same scene from above.


  1. Looks like a great time! I trust that the British DD captain turning on his torpedoes was either travelling very slow or was very deep in his cups! (Perhaps a cousin of Mountbatten...)

  2. That DD was just avoiding going into its fellow DD's torpedo trail. Because of the size of the ships in regard to the turn gage, it does look a little bizarre. But you should have seen the pile of two cruisers and one destroyer colliding into one another in the next turn! That was grand!

  3. It's true there was a very close 3 way collision. The Gorizia avoided the intentional ram from HMS Hasty and in the process T boned HMS Carlisle well to a Tee. I suspect both sides commands will be get a firm talking to over why they got into ramming range in a day battle with good visibility.

    It never fails, you based your scenario on what appears to be the most logical actions on the part of the players - who then turn around and do something completely different.