Friday, August 9, 2013

Cool Site on Hoplites

Last week my wife and I took a day trip to Saskatoon (2.5 hrs away) to visit Lee Valley Tools and McNally Robinson books two fine stores which we lack in Regina.  The morning was spent in Lee Valley buying watering system gadgets for our garden and drooling over wood carving tools (must resist a new expensive, messy and time consuming hobby with the danger of self injury).  Then we went to the bookstore, where I found (but did not buy) a book that hit both my wargaming and wife's sewing hobbies.  A How to on making linen body armour.  A quick google search led to this site by the prof at UWGB who co-wrote the book.

Also we have a how to poster  and a pattern.

So what if I get my wife who sews to make me a Linothorax?  Then I get my 18 year old (who teaches at a sports camp including archery) to shoot arrows at me while I wear said armour to test it out?  Ok maybe we'll keep this on the drawing board for a while.


  1. Remember the cabbage! Stay away from sharp objects!

    So are we saying WRG 3rd ed. hoplites should have been heavy all along?........

  2. No fears on the sharp blades and pointed things like arrows. The family bans them from my presence given my ability to cut myself (regularly) while dealing with veggies and meat - they get banned faster than socks and sandals.

    And yes I think the Hoplites should be HI.