Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kicking Old School Style With the Ancient Greeks

So last night my vintage 1980s Greek and Pyrrhic armies hit the field of battle for a game of Hail Caesar.

The scenario was the Broken Ground (Scenario 2) from CS Grant's "Programmed Wargames Scenarios".  The Spartans had 3 units of Spartan Hoplites, 3 of Allied Hoplites plus 3 units peltasts and one unit each of javelins, cavalry and Rhodians.  They were split into Spartan and allied divisions and were defending a set of hills controlling two exits off of the southern board edge.

Pyrrhus had  a phalanx including 5 units of phalangites and 1 of levy hoplites.  Support troops included 2 units each of peltasts,elephants, skirmisher units (Cretans and javelins), light cavalry and heavy cavalry.  The cavalry were all in one division led by the man himself and the others divided evenly into two phalanx divisions.  Pyrrhus needed to capture the hills controlling the exits.

One of my go to sources for wargames ideas.  Do you self a favour and pick yourself a copy.

Photos are from my iPhone hence the quality.  These were taken late in the day.

On the right, Pyrrhus (Stacy) is attacking Curt's Spartan line while in the centre my allied hoplites are giving Sylvain's phalanx a rough ride, while my figure rounds up a sheep!

Close up of the allied hoplites vs Sylvain's infantry.

What a scrum!  Hoplites, phalangites, light cavalry, peltasts and elephants all in contact.  My allied cavalry looks on.

Curt's Peltasts take on Stacy's heffalump!


  1. Great to see old figures in action, even with new rules.

    1. Thanks Rob. Sorry for not replying earlier, but Blogspot counted as you as spam! I've taken them back of the woodshed for disciplining.


  2. Good to see my old enemies going at each other!
    So Hail Caesar still pleases?

  3. The old boys still stand up well - although they need some TLC.

    And yes HC is working well so far. This was our fist stand up fight so we have to work out to to resolve complex melees. OUr other fights had been teaser scenarios that were more meeting engagements and therefore had mostly one on one scrums.
    I was glad that we had Stacy on hand as he (being a clever Greek) had actually read the rules recently and had a good memory!