Monday, August 6, 2012

Reading List - England's Last War Against France

I spend 3 days at the Actuarial Research Conference in Winterpeg last week.  Unusually for a conference it was within driving distance (590kms) so I took a car to save shekels and to give myself added mobility - i.e. hit some games stores and bookstores!  

I picked up some flaming wreckage from Game Knight, since I was so impressed with Curt's for our Tariga convoy game.  Otherwise, there was limited historical stuff but good board game materials available.  Interestingly enough they also have a section of the store devoted to wine and beet making.  Personally I've found that wine and games are offsetting hobbies instead of being complementary - but what ever floats your boat.

Better yet for me was the flagship store for McNally Robinson Canada's largest independent bookstore.    They also believe in combining vices, as they have a very nice restaurant on site!   Find of the day for me was this book, a title I failed to purchase at my local big box last year (and ruing the decision ever since).

I'm only part way through so far, but it looks chock-a-block full of stuff on obscure campaigns and battles (Oran, Dakar, Syria, Madagascar, Casablanca, Algeria...).  There's enough to keep Tim Gow building obscure models and units for months.

Smith gives a really good look at the political background before and during the war.  I also love the title, which sounds like it should be about Waterloo (or Crimea if you're Raglan).


  1. Peter,
    I read this when it first came out and also expected to see something involving horse artillery and the Scots Greys. However, the fact that Vichy France and Great Britain were in a war state for the better part of three years often escapes devotees of the WWII period. The political wrangling was interesting as were the naval confrontations and the Syrian face off.

    1. Jerry

      I also found the split between the anglophobe army and the anglophile navy quite interesting. Having read ahead in other books, you forget that many people were putting their money on Britain suing for peace in 1940.



  2. Replies
    1. Let the kit bashing begin!



    2. I've just finished reading this. An splendid book - thanks again for drawing it to my attention.

    3. Tim

      Glad that you enjoyedd it - I did too. There were the invariable typos but lots of good stuff.