Saturday, June 9, 2012

Using the Internet to Connect with Gamers...2km away

Last night I played 4 games of Strange Aeons with Curt of Analogue Hobbies.  It turns out that Curt (who's blog I've been following) lives 2km due west of me (as Google map drives it).  Who knew.

A comment I made on the Fawcett Avenue Consripts blog led to contact with one of Curt's regular gaming foes Stefan (who couldn't join us last night) who is also a faculty member at UofR.  Small world!

Anyway it was a fun night with Curt and his bud Stacy.  It's really good to connect with local gamers into historical minis - even if we did play with HP Lovecraftian themed scenarios!  The greyscale paint scheme Curt uses is really effective for the setting.  Strange Aeons gives a quick, fun somewhat goofy (and I mean that as a complement) game.  We played two scenarios twice (i.e. we flipped sides after each game) and the end score was Stacy 3: Peter 1 with Curt acting as GM.

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