Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Traveling Days

So far in July I've been in 5 provinces and 1 US state (kind of) - Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta and North Dakota.

This last week I was in Calgary on business and stopped into two favourite stores.

Sentry Box  They have a really good selection of SF/fantasy reading and a very good miniatures store (yes with good historical ranges on site).  I restrained myself to the second volume of the Romanicus series that my family enjoys but is hard to get, and 12 mixed Italian and British destroyers from GHQ.

Livingstone and Cavell (unfortunately the site is very limited).  They stock a treasure trove of old style toys - Mamod and Wilseco steam engines, Marklin trains and lovely tin wind up German toys.  Best in store category goes to this wind up HMS Dreadnought.  When I win the lottery....


  1. That HMS Dreadnought looks amazing - I wonder if it would fit in the bath?


  2. Hi Peter,

    Now that would be a fine scale for naval wargaming!

    All the best,


  3. Steel

    I think this would require a pool - and Mojitos (which it's been pointed out are the 21st century equivalent of 18thC Navy grog).