Friday, June 10, 2011

Saved by a Dropcloth

I had a near disaster tonight at the painting table.  I used my normal set up - in front of the TV using two small folding tables to hold my work and tools.  On returning from a trip to the bathroom, I nudged one table and jiggled the paint pallet off.  Murphy's law held true and it fell paint side down depositing a lovely blob of blue paint (being used as the sea). 

Luckily I listen to my wife (at least in this case) and use a drop cloth saving both the floor and my butt!


  1. Good catch! I am still to live down the Windsor and Newton black ink on the duvet incident.... :-(

  2. Ouch, my ears are ringing in sympathy. We have hard wood floors, which means that spills are easy to wipe up and I avoid anything fabric covered. A cheap vinyl table cloth makes a perfect drop cloth, and keeps the spouse happy!