Saturday, April 9, 2011

Diversions - Mediterranean and Otherwise

I've been hit with a typical case of wargamer's woes ambitious modeling and gaming plans forced to take a back seat to real life.  I could more or less keep pace with the last two weeks of lectures and the schedules of a busy 15 year old, but the home computer blew up and our then basement sprung a leak.  

The end result is that there's not been time to get back into model ship carving.  And with the cost estimates for the basement work, buying ships is not likely to be an option.

On the plus side, I've fallen back on the old wargamer's fail safe reading and planning!  Reading doesn't take much space, doesn't create much mess and can (mostly) be done with a tired brain.  Having exhausted my on hand Span-Am reading  I of course expanded into other periods.  In the process I've generated a real interest in gaming WW2 actions in the Med.  I am eyeing the GHQ 1:2400 ship models but may have to settle for much less for now.  Right now I'm considering home made flats using ship plans and a laser printer. 

So plans are, finish up the Santiago models if the basement and family schedule allow.  Mean while investigate the WW2 flats ideas.

Stay tuned for more (film at 11:00?).

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