Sunday, March 6, 2011

USS New York

Historical Photo from c1898

The Model
My philosophy on modelling ships is basically KISS, get the details that stand out in photos.  In this case, the ship has a clean flush decked hull, 3 funnels and 2 masts with turrets at each end.  I should add cranes since they stand out in the photo.  I also need to give her a darker coat of yellow ochre on the upperworks and finish the flag.


  1. Welcome to the blog-iverse! Nice looking ships! What scale are they?

    The smoke rising up above the bristling decks reminds me of the day 30 odd years ago?! when Von Spee crawled across the carpet in an attempt to sneak up on the Falklands.


  2. The ships are 1:1200, compared to the 1:3000m dreadnoughts we used back then. Stubbier ships and short ranges mean that you can go up a scale. (Honest it's got nothing to do with the reading glasses I need now!)

  3. Peter,

    Nice work on the ships ! Simple, yet evocative of the 1:1 models.

    Steve C.