Tuesday, March 31, 2015

AHPCV 28mm Andalusian Archers

So in between singing sea shanties and rinsing the salt from my shorts (see the comments on Miles’ earlier post), I completed a unit of 12 Andalusian archers for my El Cid era armies.  These are Gripping Beast figures and are old friends.  Others seem to have issues with some Beastie Boys figs, but I like theses ones.  The one slight quibble is the bows are trick to attach to some figures.  However, good poses and clothing and they paint up nicely IMHO.

Over time I have waffled between giving my Ancient/Medieval units “uniforms”, sometimes opting for a Heinz 57 variety and others going for common clothes.  For recent units I am tending to unit “theme” colours, such as the red theme for these archers.  I’ve used three different shades for the tunics, or neutrals with red turbans.  On the theme I can vary to trims, sashes and turbans and accessories.   It may not be historical, but it makes the units far easier to group together during set up and take down.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Not Dead Yet

It's been six weeks since my last post on the admiral, but I've not been silent in the blogosphere.  I've been posting away http://thepaintingchallenge.blogspot.ca, where you find me as PeterD.  With midterms going on I've been lax in reposting here but will catch up shortly I hope.

I've been focusing on Italian Wars units using Perry Plastics, and it looks like I'm focusing on an Italian Condottiere army with French opponents.